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My Two Cents on Boyfriend Jeans

Monday, May 4th, 2009
I can definitely see the allure that boyfriend jeans have – they’re comfortable and they hide the extra few pounds that we girls tend to put on in the winter season. What they don’t do is show off our curves when we’ve slimmed up for the spring.
I’ve always been a big fan of the female body and I design all my jeans to flatter our curvy shape. That’s why I introduced the one-inch zipper into my clothing line – to hide any excess bulge and to prevent the bulky, baggy look.

I think boyfriend jeans would be perfect for those lazy Sundays or for doing chores for the comfort they provide. But for a girl’s night out and to attract those guys, nothing beats a skinny, low rise pair of hip huggers.

While I think the boyfriend jeans might be a good complement to your casual wear wardrobe, I can’t justify the cost of buying a pair of designers for a trend that may only last this spring season. So, I have the perfect solution if you want a new pair of boyfriends and a new pair of hip huggers this spring – steal your boyfriend’s pair! And use the money you save to buy a tight pair that will make the boys notice well into summer.

Happy fashion hunting.

As always,