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Congratulations Shay!

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

We here at Dorinha Jeans Wear applaud Dorinha Girl Shay Mitchell for achieving a role on ABC new original series Pretty Little Liars.

Dorinha Girl Shay Mitchell

See Shay on Pretty Little Liars.

Based on a popular book series by Sara Shepard, Shay stars as one of the main characters – Emily Fields. Shays hard work, unwavering faith and charisma are evident on camera. She has been an amazing model for Dorinha Jeans Wear since the age of 18. We look forward to continuing work with her as well as encouraging her in her own endeavors.

See ABC’s website for time and airing. We hope you’re as excited as we are. We are happy for our Dorinha Girl.

A Fathers dilemma of “The One Inch Zipper”

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

I recently had an interesting experience shopping with my wife and teenage girls that in my mindtypifies the transition of thinking like a man and thinking like a father. I’ll explain. Ever heard of Dorinha?I vaguely recall seeing her name in the local newspaper. Turns out she’s an up and comer in the fashion industry (Brazil, Europe, US etc.).

Her claim to fame…The 1 inch zipper Kinda brings a smile to the face no matter how hard you try to remove it. It turns out 3 times a year Dorinha has a huge sale here in Vancouver where she opens shop in a warehouse and is on site to facilitate the event. Wall to wall girls/ women trying to find the perfect fit with the 1 inch zipper…hhmmm.

Now I’ll say right now that I was dead set against letting my daughters anywhere near this place…but with careful consideration, off we went with an open mind to see what this event was all about.

Get to this warehouse, through a door, up some stairs, a few lefts, then a few rights and behold…thousands of 1 inch zippers.

As a dutiful dad, I let my wife and girls go do their ‘thing’ and I took up space meandering aimlesslythrough the ‘sea’. I recognized this petite woman who I correctly guessed as Dorinha. I struck up a conversation and she surprisingly gave me about 10 minutes of her time. She asked me how I liked the jeans and alas my dilemma…I told her I have mixed feelings about the 1 inch zipper as I’m a father to teenage girls. She smiles and understands where I’m coming from. She explains the 1 inch zipper was created, not to bring the level of the pant down to the nether-regions, but to remove the ‘bulge’ that bunches in the crotch area, thus making girls look like guys.

I explain this to qualify why I would even entertain the idea of letting my girls buy a pair of these jeans. As it turns out, the jeans are not as skimpy as one might think. They just have a 1 inch zipper. So my fears of purchasing jeans where with your bill of sale is passed with a bick shaver and cream, had been put to rest.

This whole experience struck me as somewhat surreal in that this is one of those moments where as a father you’re hit in the face with two very different emotions about the same thing. BTW, we did buy 5 or 6 pairs that passed stringent scrutinization of both mom and dad.

I will continue to be one of those dads that greets all leg-humpers with arms crossed and a growl under my breath…Ain’t fatherhood grand!