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Metamorphosis is the theme for Dorinha Wear’s new summer 2006 collection.

It’s a cool July evening in downtown Vancouver, and Dorinha Jeans’ has just unveiled its summer 2006 collection at the John Casablanca’s Glow: Summer 2006 Fashion Show.


The new pieces are clear in their statement: smooth curvy lines, sassy ensembles, and most importantly, a new breath of elegance – albeit still with a hint of daring.

“We are growing up a little,” says Dorinha, one of the company’s two founders in her initial statement to the press just prior to the start of the fashion show.

“These designs are intended for the 18 – 25 year old set, the company is growing up, and these pieces are a little more grown up,” she adds with a smile while overlooking the catwalk. On an evening when one of Vancouver most innovative clothing companies is taking flight from its latestcocoon, even the stars seem to be peeking curiously through the glass dome above the stage to see what she and partner Dale Reynolds have created.

“This collection, the jeans, our new lingerie line and accessories also enhance our summer theme, taking off from sexy and capturing the new spirit of modern elegance.”

For the dynamic duo, which brought the world the original 1” zipper and inward seams for the supreme fit over a woman’s curves, the latest line of jeans – all 17 cuts in all – speak to everything their female customers are experiencing as they grow up with the company.

They are the new generation of modern woman. For them elegance is multi-dimensional, it skates all arenas in our way of life: corporate agendas versus grassroots movements, global markets versus organic communities.

When Dorinha speaks of elegance, it is not the time-capsulated version of cigar bars and jazz notes freeze-framed from old movies.

“Our girls want sexiness but with style, modernity but with sass,” continued Dorinha, who has made her own extraordinary transformation into an international clothing designer from her birthplace in a remote village in the Brazilian rainforest.


“And most of all they want elegance – but not without a touch of feminine caprice.”

That hint of ‘masala’ has been the embers simmering beneath the company since its start 5 years ago and it is what has kept Dorinha Wear spilling the frontiers of its industry: whether that be in innovating creations like the 1” zipper, or in being accessible to its customers, the key to making it one of Canada’s apparel success stories.

On this particular evening, the company headlined a John Casablanca event which featured international labels such as DKNY, and Buffalo, and regional labels such as Dish, and Dutil.

Setting the tone for the evening was the pulsating dance steps of Vancouver’s authentic ‘Samba Queen’, Lucia Azevedo.

Dorinha’s new summer collection is in stores for ‘Back to School”, and is available at Below the Belt, Bootlegger, Off the Wall, and various other clothing retailers across BC and Canada.

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